Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kitchen Reno - Primed & Ready to Go!

So we're back!  After some time at the beach (and away from the house) we were ready to roll and really make some progress when we came back.  As always, even small tasks seem overwhelming when you just don't want to do them.

Case in point - sanding drywall.  It's a simple thing.  Put sanding sponge in hand and rub on wall until smooth.  But as simple as it is, it is also unpleasant.  The person doing it gets incredibly dirty.  It's exhausting work.  And it's a pain to clean up.  Jason was the sole sander this time (we've done it together on other projects) and it's finally DONE (can't tell you how glad we are that it's behind us!). 

After sanding the drywall comes priming.  Priming fresh drywall can be pretty time consuming.  The walls seem to really soak up the primer, so it really seems like you're only getting about 2 square feet of coverage with each load of the roller.  It's a lot of up & down the ladder (especially when doing the ceiling), but it's a super important step that you really shouldn't skip.  I've seen places where I've accidentally missed the primer and the paint doesn't even stick.  BIG mess!

After priming, I spent a day or so in different lights looking for places I missed or that have a drip.  Sometimes that can be tough to see when it's all white-on-white.  So after a little work with a brush, the priming was DONE and we were ready for PAINT!!

Here's a quick before & after:  

OK, I know it's not that exciting, but it is a step in the right direction.  I like this phase of the project because the work becomes a little more visible.  We're finally getting to parts of the project that we'll see when we're done!

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