Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kitchen Reno - Let there be PAINT!

Ok, so one of my personal issues seems to be the inability to come up with funny/punny blog post titles.  I'm not even sure why I think this is an important thing, but there it is.

In case you might not have guessed, the kitchen has been PAINTED.

I can't even explain how excited I am by most kitchen related stuff.  This project has been LOOOOONG and somewhat painful/inconvenient so now that we're starting to do stuff that's part of the final product (like paint, tile, etc), I feel like we're finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel.  It's so awesome.

Painting falls into my realm of responsibility and that's totally fine by me.  Jason handled bedtime with the kids for a few nights while I got it done.  

For the ceiling, we went with "Whisper White" from Home Depot (this is our standard white here for ceilings & trim) and on the walls I used "Gentle Rain" from Home Depot.  It's a warm-ish gray color.  I had considered a lot of options for paint colors including blues (which I loved) and various shades of gray.  The gray won out in the long run because of 2 things - I am in love with a colored back splash tile and because I was worried that I'd be "over" a bold wall color really fast.  So I went with a neutral and am very happy with the result.

So here's the "before" 

And here's the "after" 

I really like the color.  I was a bit nervous that the color would be too dark (since we don't get a TON of natural light), but it's really just right.

Check out the floor!  We've got cement backer board down to get ready for the next step in this project - FLOORING!!!  Yeah, I'm excited!


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