Monday, June 17, 2013

Kitchen Reno - It's Electric!

Boogie woogie woogie!
I am probably dating myself when I say that the Electric Slide was a staple of middle school dances when I was a kid.  
So on to the latest update on our kitchen renovation.  Following the super exciting and picturesque phase that is framing, comes the equally exciting and picturesque phase that is wiring.  Yeah, wires.  So fun. 
I gotta say, I keep coming up with timelines in my head that have absolutely nothing to do with how long items will actually take.  I'm not trying to set my expectations too high, it's really just that without really knowing what a particular task entails it's hard to have an accurate idea of how long something will take.  When it was time to do wiring, I thought, "how long could this take?  A few hours??"  HA!  I'm learning more and more about the process and how long to budget for time.  
Poor Jason spent the better part of 2 days running up and down the basement stairs, drilling holes through the framing, stapling wires, and even drilling out parts of the concrete block to make room for the boxes.  At this point, I'd say that the wiring is nearly done - a few more outlets and then running the wires for the under cabinet lights.

Here we are:

And Jason's also started putting up the rigid foam insulation!  It's not a huge R-value (being only 1/2 inch thick) but every bit helps!

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