Monday, December 24, 2012

Beagle Shaming #2

This would be a much more interesting post had I thought to take a photo of the damage, but as it is, I'll just tell you all about it.
I will preface the whole story by saying that the dog is fine.  No damage, no yelping, nothing.
A few weeks back we put a few lights outside the house.  Just a string of white icicle lights across the front of the roof line and some white and colored lights in the shrubs next to the front porch.  We also have a sock monkey inflatable.  The whole thing runs on a timer - set to come on around 4:30 PM and turn off right around midnight.  
Jason noticed on Friday that the lights hadn't come on.  A quick investigation uncovered the problem - the dog had chewed through the heavy duty cable that ran from the timer on the screen porch around the house to the front where the lights were.  It was a miracle that she hadn't killed herself in the process.

So no lights on Friday.  On Saturday afternoon Jason went out in search of a new cable.  Thankfully there was ONE left at the store.  We also decided that we had better not take our chances that she'd leave it alone this time (because nothing would ruin Christmas faster than a dead beagle in the driveway, am I right?), so Jason picked up some clips and masonry anchors/screws to attach the wire to the house.  We figured that it needs to be about 3 feet off the ground to keep it out of her reach.  

It took about 45 minutes for Jason to rig it all up and we were pleased to have solved the problem.  Until about 4:45 PM when it got dark out and the lights didn't come on.  Further investigation uncovered another problem.  The outlet on the porch was defective.  Somehow chewing through the wire caused it to short out or something.  Of course we didn't have a spare GFI outlet in the house, so Jason had to head to the hardware store AGAIN for a new outlet.

Thankfully it only took another ten minutes to get that in place and BAM the lights came on and all was well.


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