Thursday, May 17, 2012


About 3 years ago I saw a box at BJs Wholesale club that allegedly had 2 lilac bushes in it and it cost about $12.  I love lilacs so I snagged the box.  When I got home, I opened it up and found 2 sticks and some dirt.  I was skeptical but I stuck the sticks in some pots with some nice potting soil and watered them regularly.  :Lo and behold, the sticks sprouted leaves and new branches and over the next few years they grew and prospered.  Then a frost killed one and I was left with one little lilac bush.

Fast forward to last weekend when Jason & I busted our bums to get the veggie garden in, and remember that Jason got all manly and dug up stumps and whatnot.  Well the corner of the garage where we once had some weird scrub tree was the perfect spot for the lilac shrub!

Today was the first day this week that the weather was nice enough to do some work outdoors.  I started out using a shovel to dig the edges of the new bed.  I wanted it to be rounded at the corner of the garage and extend straight over to the veggie garden and then down the side of the garage toward the door.  For now it's just a little bump in that direction.

Then I turned up all the dirt, pulled up clumps of grass and encountered a few obstacles.  First off, the corner section still had a TON of roots from the old tree that was there.  I went at it with the pick-ax.  In addition to the roots, I dug up a few bricks and found even MORE bricks.  I'm not exactly sure why there are bricks buried 4" underground, but I think it has something to do with an ancient patio.

After turning up the soil, I dumped in a bit of bagged garden soil we had leftover in the garage.  I turned that in.

Then I made a hole in the ground deep enough so that the top of the dirt from the lilac bush was an inch or so above level with the ground.  I filled in with dirt and then spread mulch over it.

I need a bit more mulch to finish it off, but here you can see where I'm going with this.

The other part of the garden here is that I've prepped a bed for some blueberry bushes!!  I think I'll be able to fit 2-3 in that space between the garden and the corner.  How cool will that be?!?

Here you can see how little this looks in the grand scheme of the back yard.  Please excuse the ugly lawn.  I blame the beagle.

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