Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Early Start to Christmas

I must start this post with a bit of history of my family.  My grandmother was a knitter.  Not a super-knitter churning out loads of sweaters but she did knit.  And when my mom and aunt were growing up, she knit personalized Christmas stockings for all of them.  And when my mom and my aunt got married, my grandmother knit matching stockings for their husbands.  And as they started families, she knit stockings for all the grandchildren and even a few grand-dogs.  Over the years, that woman knit at least 15 of these things each with the recipient's name on top.

Sadly she passed away shortly before I got married in 2004 and being the ambitious knitter that I was I decided to take up the cause and give it a try.  My mother had found the knitting supplies and she handed me the pattern.  Well I can tell ya, this was rough.  It was a photocopy of a photocopy of something that had been folded and refolded for probably 40 years.  It was barely legible, but the upside was that I had a zillion examples to work from and knitting this thing wasn't exactly rocket science to reverse engineer.

I had to adjust the gauge a bit as my grandmother used fatter yarn, but I was able to make a stocking for my husband that matched mine.  I finished it on Christmas Eve at about 4am.  I have since made 2 more and this year my brother has asked me to make one for his fiancee.  It's only September and I should be able to get it done on time, but I've been in this position before.  I'm pretty energized about knitting & crafting right now and I'm even thinking about designing my own stockings for sale on Etsy or something.

I'll let you know.

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