About Me

Hi!  I'm Ginny and way back in 2004 I married Jason.  And honestly, I don't think we have a decent photo of the 2 of us taken in the last 5 years, so we'll need to get on that and I'll update once there's something to show!

Now we have two kids - Sarah and Chris.  

We live in the suburbs outside Philadelphia in a little fixer-upper home we bought in 2007.

We've gone through fits and spurts of productivity in improving our little house, but we need to kick it into high gear to make this the home we know it can be.  Changes can be big or small, but it's possible to achieve a home that's magazine beautiful!

I'll show you ways we've tried to declutter, organize, refurbish, renew, redo, renovate, and refresh our spaces.  The ups, downs and inside out!

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  1. Love your about me page and the pictures, too!



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