Monday, September 23, 2013

The Longest Week Ever...

Just a few thoughts to express here...
It's Monday - and 2 weekends ago was a crazy kitchen renovation marathon with the cabinets being put up.  They look great and I'm so excited.  
Then on Friday of last week, the granite guy came out to do the template for the counters.  I was planning on blogging about it, but since it's not a DIY thing and because it was so fast, I'll spare you a thousand words with photos and say that they used wood & hot glue to make the template and it only took 30 minutes.

So now it's the waiting game.  We were told 7-9 days for the granite.  I was told that the granite people would call early this week to schedule the installation, and it would be about a week after that. 

So they'll call tomorrow maybe and then a week?  The longest week of my life!  I am beyond excited.  I can't wait to reclaim my dining room!

FYI - went appliance shopping on Saturday evening and it was mostly a bust.  Nobody carries counter-depth fridges in showrooms, so shop at home if you need something less common/popular than what's standard.


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