Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kitchen Reno - Walking on Broken Glass

Well, not really walking on it, because that sounds like a bad idea, but dealing with it for sure.  You gotta deal with broken glass when it happens.

So back when we started the demo phase of this awesome kitchen project we got ourselves a dumpster and then when it was full we had the dumpster truck come and haul it away.  All told it was only here for about a week and a half.   It was really plenty of time, but with the way these projects go, we weren't finished chucking things out.

In fact, we've had a big bit of rubbish leaning up against our garage for about a month now.  The glass doors we replaced.  Now with regular house debris, we can usually break it down and bag it up, but how do you do that with 2 sliding glass doors? 

Answer: with a hammer.

Yeah, it didn't sound like an awesome idea to me either, but it was better than keeping the doors in the garage until the end of time.  

Jason did the deed - he lay out 2 layers of thick plastic sheeting (we had it from various other projects) and carefully laying the first door down on the ground, he whacked it with a hammer until the glass was broken (2 panes).  He used the hammer to knock as much glass from the frame as possible and then he did the whole thing again with the second panel.  

There was a lot of glass.  Enough for 2 pretty heavy bags.

Then he used his handy-dandy drill to unscrew the frames and pull apart the aluminum.  It was pretty quick to deconstruct it all, but messy.  Taking the frame apart released the plastic/rubbery stuff that held the glass in place, scattering tons of tiny shards into the grass next to the driveway.  The job wasn't without it's hazards.  Poor guy suffered a grievous injury.

After bagging that up, Jason vacuumed the grass. Yep, he pulled out the old shop vac and went to town on the grass as if it were 1970s style shag carpeting.   He actually sucked up a drill bit that had fallen and gotten lost in the grass, so that was a win.

All that's left from the doors is the aluminum frame which is disassembled and in a pile on the driveway.  Jason is planning on taking it down to a scrapyard to see if we can get a bit of cash back for it.  Every penny helps, right?

So that was an exciting Saturday.  Yeah, I know it's not as visually stimulating as back splash, granite counters, or cabinet hardware, but you gotta write about something as you wait for joint compound to dry, right?  


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  1. Very brave! In my area I would have just taken them to the ReStore to save some time, effort and bloodshed.



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